SC Environmentalists LLC

Family. Environment. Community.

         SC Environmentalists LLC is a grassroots organization that provides custom environmental education and basic sustainability services. We strive to bring awareness to the importance of the environment and our reliance on it by providing unrivaled hands-on, age appropriate environmental education, teacher work-shops, community outreach, and rudimentary environmental sustainability services. We provide these services as a means of helping guide future generations towards a world that is sustainable socially, environmentally, and economically.

Our goals are simple and straight forward:

  • Help people understand the environment's importance, its challenges, and what we can do to protect it.

  • Encourage communities to “go green” by allowing them to witness implemented sustainability practices.

  • Provide high quality services while emphasizing the importance of family, the environment, and community.

  • Continue to evolve and adapt our company and practices to our ever changing environment and the needs of our clients.

Stephanie Campo of SC Environmentalists LLC has worked with us on developing sustainable outdoor education areas. We have found the combination of educational and environmental knowledge to be extremely helpful as she has collaborated with us, giving ideas and directions we had not achieved ourselves.
— Timothy Wright, Headmaster, Shore School, AU, 09/24/18
We had some wonderful experiences this summer thanks to SC Environmentalist guiding our Summer Camp. Stephanie helped our educators and children delve into projects that explored the importance of taking small steps to benefit the environment. Her collaboration made our “Caretakers of the Earth Summer Program” more meaningful as she helped educators and children see their role in taking social-responsibility. Stephanie not only planted a garden, she inspired children to create a space for sound, sensory and color stimulation. There was an array of provocations such as nature made bug house to attract, preserve and study insects closely. Stephanie also guided student inquiry using the Language of Thinking. For the first time in many years, as a school; we are being environmentally conscious and proactive in doing our small part—-Thanks Stephanie.
— Sylvia Casanova, Manager, Young Presidents Club Child Care Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, 09/21/18
Working alongside Stephanie has been incredibly rewarding. I have had the pleasure working with her for 2 beach clean ups and sea oat restorations at Crandon Park. She is positive, confident, and so excited to be making a difference. Her love and passion for teaching kids about the environment easily radiates. I have had the best experience working alongside Stephanie, and can not wait to partner with her in the future.
— Cristal Espinosa, Interpretive Program Leader, Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation EcoAdventures at Crandon Park, 09/05/18
I have learned so much from you. Your knowledge and your passion shows. I really enjoy working with you. You are amazing.
— Carline Toney, Teacher, Young Presidents Club Child Care Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center, 08/08/18
It is a pleasure to work with SC Environmentalists! Stephanie is a true professional devoted to responsibly impacting the environment around us. Her research and preparation is thorough and comprehensive – balancing various impact factors, including financial. Her creativity and resourcefulness are truly inspiring.
— Beth Young, Director of Education, Temple Judea, 07/07/17