SC Environmentalists LLC

Family. Environment. Community.

       At SCE we provide “at your school” environmental education and sustainability services. Currently serving Miami Dade County, SCE works with schools to provide a unique two-in-one experience that simultaneously provides custom, age appropriate environmental courses while aiding in the development and fulfillment of campus sustainability initiatives. SCE supports early childhood development as well as family and community bonding through the use of nature. SCE helps schools set the standard for doable, Earth friendly practices.

Environmental Education

  • Weekly environmental courses

  • Monthly teacher workshops

  • Special summer event

Sustainability Services

  • Basic campus environmental sustainability survey

  • Planning and implementation

  • Yearly environmental sustainability brochure

Community Outreach

  • Yearly community workshop


Please contact us for more information on services and fees.

My 3.5 year old son really enjoys attending Ms. Stephanie’s class every week at our preschool. Our favorite part are the weekly journals detailing what they learned or what hands on activity was done enabling us to talk about it at home. Best part is journals come with pictures so you can really grasp their experience. Thank you Ms. Stephanie for a fantastic experience!
— - The Gompers Family, 01/03/19
My son loves to start his week with his Miniature Earth Explorers class! The best thing I can say is when Monday comes, Mark actually wants to go to school instead of fussing about about “having to go to school and he wants to stay home.” He says every class he goes on a nature adventure. I feel really good that he is learning about the world around him and the impact that humans have on the earth. Since he started the class, I noticed he is more engaged with nature and our world, and I like how he is developing a love of science and asking questions about related subjects. He asked us for a map of Earth and when we put one up in his room, he asked what the blue meant, what the green areas were, etc.I would recommend Miniature Earth Explorers to every parent who wants to foster their child’s love of nature.
— Emma, 02/12/18
My three year old daughter just started Miniature Earth Explorers, and we are so happy with this program. My daughter comes home each day so excited about all of the things she’s learned - about bugs, the temperature of the earth and the EPA (!) to name a few. We are always looking for new ways to challenge and engage her, and this introduction to environmental science is a perfect way to do that - not to mention how much fun she has! Miss Stephanie is wonderful with the kids and clearly passionate about the subject matter. We wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful class to parents and students!
— Alexis Newman, 02/06/18
We love SC Environmentalists! My boys have learned so much and have brought so much into our home. The boys always find a way to relate everyday activities back to their experiences with Ms Stephanie. We cannot throw anything away in our house with discussing how we might be able to repurpose or reuse it. My favorite moment came late one night at bed time we were reading about sharks and one of my boys simply said “is it fresh or salt” immediately I knew he was referring to the water and that it came from his weekly class with SC Environmentalists. We couldn’t ask for more!
— Sharon and Jeffrey Moskovitz, 01/03/18
I am thrilled with everything about the Mini Earth Explorers run by Stephanie. I love watching my daughter learn about the environment and how to care for it. The material has real substance (she has her smart grandmother googling various concepts) and it is delivered in a thoughtful, engaging and fun way. Vibrant experiments are accompanied by stories, songs even dancing. A really outstanding experience for both of us....
— Amy Werner, 04/03/17
My daughter loves her Miniature Earth Explorers class! Each week, the students begin a new adventure which furthers their knowledge of the environment and the world around them. From conducting scientific experiments to going on scavenger hunts, Miss Stephanie makes the learning experience both fun and interactive, and teaches in an age appropriate manner. It is so important for children to learn about the earth and how to protect it, and Miniature Earth Explorers provides a wonderful forum to start an open dialogue with our children on related topics. The weekly newsletter is also very helpful in this regard, and we love seeing what the kids are up to each week through the photos. I am so glad we signed up for this amazing class! Thank you Miss Stephanie!
— Miniature Earth Explorers™, Parent, 02/01/17